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21 May
May 21
21st May 2018

  Yanny/Laurel 21st May '18 | 10:23am | The worlds messiest desk: Work Edition Seriously though, I don't usually get caught up in the mainstream viral internet stuff, but everyone at work kept banging on about it. First I heard nothing but Yanny, then I reached this higher spiritual level where I could switch between the two. Then a collegue sent me this meme, and we spent most of the day crying from laughter over it. If you're not crying over a meme as part of your working day, what are you doing with your life? In other news, my computer's busted. the recent Windows Update is doing what it does best and fucking everything up. Can't even seem to roll back to a previous version or state, but I digress. Anyway, it's given me a chance to go fully traditional with my comics, right down to the text- which I appologise for, gonna need a fair bit of work on that. Out of curiousity, has anyone made a switch from Windows 10 to Mac desktop/macbook? Would be good to hear peoples experiences as I'm starting to sway.  Hope you all enjoy todays comic! Should have another one up by this Thursday, so feel free to subscribe below if you want to be notified when each one goes live. Try and enjoy the sun~ ~ Jon  ...

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17 May
May 17
17th May 2018

House Viewing 17th May '18 | 10:23am | The worlds messiest desk Hi all,This is probably very late-2000's of me but I've started a webcomic. It's something I've always wanted to do to track my drawing progress and because, well, it's fun. But I've never had the guts to stick to it but now that i'm old as shit I just don't care anymore- in the good way!Let me know what you guys think in the comments! Gonna try and upload weekly at least so feel free to subscribe!Anyway, there's a fly the size of Japan in my lounge so i'd better go gather all the launchable items in the house.~ Jon  ...

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22 August
Aug 22
22nd August 2016

  “Oh my god, I look like shit.” Announced Stacey in her loud northern accent, loud enough to turn a few heads of the other passengers sharing the same train carriage. Sat opposite, Mathew let a laugh escape in a rush of air rasping between his lips. He hoped it came out in a way that said: you never look like shit. You're always beautiful. But if Stacey understood, she hid it well. She dragged down the skin beneath her left eye, revealing the wet, red fleshy part. “Ugh, can you hold this for me, Matty?” Mathew hated being called Matty. Mathew was fine, Matt if you must, but not Matty. Yet, Stacey was the only person in his life who he actually preferred calling him Matty. She said it so sweetly she practically sang it. It made him feel good, kind of like a pet name for a boyfriend. Except the part where he would actually be the boyfriend. Stacey never really had official boyfriends. The guys she was seen with were tall, dark, most likely in a band and undoubtedly covered in tattoos and or piercings. Certainly not quiet, short and stocky boys like Mathew. Mathew hunched over on his seat and shyly held the small, rounded mirror with the crack down the middle that Stacey held out to him. Peering over the curve of the mirror, Mathew watched Stacey delicately apply her heavy black eyeliner around her deep emerald eyes.   Mathew didn't really understand her undying need for the makeup. She put it on every morning on the train to college due to almost always oversleeping. Sure, she looked tired, but certainly not terrible. And definitely not to Mathew.             “Cheers Matty.” she said finally, taking the mirror back off him so he could put down his aching arm. “Ugh, I really cannot be asked with today.” She puffed loudly, spreading herself lazily across the two seats. Mathew noticed a couple of older passengers shaking their heads.  Mathew grinned and swept a strand of midnight blue hair back across his forehead, becoming suddenly aware of the possibility his natural ginger roots could be peeking through. “I’ve always wondered how far up country I could get before getting kicked off.” Stacey’s eyes went wide. Her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ shape. “We should definitely do that!” she squealed in amazement. Mathew chuckled to himself. “I was joking. But yeah, one day maybe we should.” Stacey’s eyes then fell away in her familiar thoughtfulness. Her lips pursed and a dark, drawn on eyebrow curved high. As she looked down, her jet black and lemon blonde extensions flowed like silk across her white sports jacket. Then she turned back to Mathew and shot him a look. A look she had when inspired with one of her own outrageous ideas. A look he could never resist. A look he should’ve said no to. “Why not now?” she whispered. Mathew chuckled nervously. “Are you serious? We’re almost at college now, you nutcase!” “Come on Matty, why not? Fuck it, let’s just do it!” She still held the same hungry look, trapping him.             Bing-bong! “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now approaching Exeter Central. Exeter Central, our next station stop. Change here for…” Stacey’s hand was on Mathews arm like a whip before he could even pick up his bag. “Stay!” she commanded with her playfully assertive face. Mathew hoped if he kept laughing, she would stop and let go. Awkward laughter got him out of most situations, but not this one. “Stacey, no. Come on, I’ve got a project to hand in today and collect my negatives from the dark room.” Stacey rolled her eyes but kept her grip on him. “Matt, will you stop being such a pussy? Just do it!” Outside the window, Mathew saw the train slowing down as it approached the station. The sky was filled with the morning colours of a smooth lemon to baby blue gradient over the horizon. The train came to a halt and Mathew was beside himself. He watched the other passengers leave the carriage, lea...