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Echo Valley


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J C Matheson's first piece of published work, fantasy-horror novella Echo Valley.

Format: Paperback

Pages: 125

Genre: Fantasy/Horror


Mathew and Stacey are taking a normal, everyday ride to college on the train. Yet when Mathew takes a seemingly harmless photograph of his friend, he finds the world has fallen away from under him. The train has stopped, a strange wind howls throughout a dark landscape overlooked by inky maroon sky … and every other passenger in the carriage has vanished—including Stacey.


The only hope Mathew has of finding his friend is to venture into the strange, desolate town where he has ended up. But nothing is right here. Darkness roils beneath the town’s surface, as well as behind the smile of the peculiar mayor who ushers Mathew through the streets, haunting—and watchful.


Welcome to ECHO VALLEY.


Read the first excerpt here!

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