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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will tell you what you need to know about your personal data collected here on this website, how much of it, what its used for and how it is kept secure.

This site collects cookies. Cookies are used to collect basic information on your browsing behavior when viewing This is not personal info like names, emails or addresses but the operating system, browser, device type and IP Address. These cookies are used so that this website can be improved with a better experience for yourself and other visitors of This info is not shared with anyone.

If you order a product from this website, you, of course, provide details such as your delivery address, name, email and optionally, a phone number. This info is purely used to contact you, the customer, to deliver said product in the mail. I will sometimes contact you via email to make sure a product was received safely or in reply if you contact me. This info is stored in my website for this purpose and for keeping track of previous orders and stock.

You are completely entitled to view, amend or request deletion of your personal data that is held. You can do this via email:

Privacy Policy Last Updated: 22nd June 2018